It’s our aim to ensure learners receive a well-recognised qualification that is industry relevant. Our qualifications have been developed to support you working in your chosen occupation. This may include work in animal rescue settings, boarding kennels and pet shops, through to veterinary settings such as clinics and hospitals or more specialist veterinary referral centres.

If you are new or looking to start a career in the animal care or welfare industry, our range of VetSkill qualifications shows potential employers your current knowledge and commitment to working in the animal care sector.

If you have already started working towards a qualification, depending on how long ago it has been since your previous learning and the subject, it may be possible for your past achievement to contribute towards a VetSkill qualification.

Upon completion of your qualification, it is important to keep your knowledge and skills up to date by continuing professional development (CPD), you may wish to undertake a further qualification in either a related subject or at a higher level.

We are currently developing a portfolio of qualifications. We monitor our sector carefully so that we can work with centres to develop qualifications.

If you would like to contribute towards our future then please contact us at info@vetskill.com