Delivering Our Qualifications


Our qualifications are available for delivery by centres approved by us. Some of our qualifications support a sector that includes regulated occupations with rigorous professional qualification requirements. Our criteria for centre approval and ongoing quality assurance, including regular site visits, ensure our qualifications are delivered to the exacting standards expected by the animal care and veterinary sectors.

Benefits of becoming a centre

VetSkill will give you access to a portfolio of qualifications designed to provide learners with knowledge and skills for professional practice, and the ability to sustain this through skills for lifelong learning.

Our close links with employers, professional associations and regulatory bodies ensure that we are able to review and revise our qualifications and/or supporting delivery guidance to keep pace with the dynamic needs of the animal care and veterinary sector.

The VetSkill team will provide you with the guidance and encouragement you need in order to deliver our qualifications and achieve the best possible learner outcomes.

For more information please contact us.