Customised Qualifications

Customised qualifications allows you to develop a qualification tailored to your needs if existing qualifications don’t quite meet your requirements or the qualification may not currently exist.

Customised qualifications can be formally recognised as VetSkill is an Ofqual approved Awarding Organisation. All regulated qualifications are entitled to carry the Ofqual logo on the certificate. Ofqual is the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.


VetSkill has agreed with Ofqual the sectors in which we would like to develop and offer qualifications in from levels 1 – 6. These are:

3.3 Animal Care and Veterinary Science
13.2 Direct Learning Support
15.1 Accounting and Finance
15.2 Administration
15.3 Business Management

To enable you to provide us with the information required to take forward your qualification development idea to our Qualification Committee, please complete the customised qualification application form and either email or post it to us with any supporting documentation.

Customised qualification application form