Bespoke and Customised Qualifications

We welcome enquiries from those looking to develop customised or bespoke qualifications that meet the needs of their organisation or industry sector.

All VetSkill regulated qualifications are entitled to carry the Ofqual or CCEA logo on the certificate as appropriate.

Bespoke qualifications

If you have a need for a qualification that doesn’t already exist, we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution. All VetSkill qualifications will meet the requirements of the regulatory bodies, providing you with a qualification that is fit for purpose, meets rigorous quality standards and is recognised throughout the UK.

Customised qualifications

If there is a VetSkill qualification that is almost what you are looking for – but not quite – it may be possible for us to tweak it and make a customised solution that delivers a qualification that is more suited to your needs. Our experienced team will welcome your ideas and consider how we can adapt the qualification whilst still meeting the stringent requirements expected from the regulatory bodies.


If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with our qualification committee please download, complete and return the form below to us along with any supporting documentation.


Download the Customised Qualification Application Form