Frequently Asked Questions…

Q:  If I choose to be registered with VetSkill does that mean I no longer need to be registered with AMTRA?

A: Yes, there is one central list of SQPs published by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). To be included on this, you must be registered with either of the authorised bodies; AMTRA or VetSkill, both not both.

Q: Why are the annual registration costs different between VetSkill and AMTRA?

A: Both AMTRA and VetSkill have been recognised by the VMD as bodies suitable to maintain a register for SQPs to prescribe and supply veterinary medicinal products classified as POM-VPS and NFA-VPS.  Each body offers its own individual services and therefore costs may vary.

VetSkill offer two registration options:

  1. Annual registration fee – £29 (2017)
  2. SQP Conference/annual registration fee package – £99 (2017)

The latter offers six hours of relevant CPD and a year’s SQP registration; meaning that if you are a single classification SQP (i.e. an C-SQP, J-SQP, L-SQP or A-SQP), for £99 you can maintain your registration with VetSkill and comply with your annual CPD requirements.

Q:  If I don’t want to attend the conference can I just transfer to VetSkill and organise my own CPD?

A:  Yes you can. Please ensure you read our CPD policy to ensure that any CPD you undertake meets the requirements for you to be entered onto the VetSkill register and you will need to pay the annual registration fee.

Q:  If I am already registered as an SQP under AMTRA, can I transfer to VetSkill?

A: Yes

Q: How do I transfer from AMTRA to VetSkill?

A: Complete the online SQP transfer of register form and pay the VetSkill registration fee.  We will check your name and number against the VMD SQP published list and, if validated, ask you to submit evidence of your CPD online.  Once confirmed, we will inform you and the VMD that you have successfully transferred to VetSkill.  If you are found not to be eligible to join the VetSkill Register then you will be provided with a full refund.

Q:  Are the CPD requirements of AMTRA and VetSkill the same?

A:  No. VetSkill’s CPD requirements are calculated in hours, similar to those used by many other organisations who hold professional registers. VetSkill has responded to feedback from SQPs that they would like to engage in cost effective CPD that is relevant to their role and that unnecessary duplication is avoided.  Therefore, VetSkill will accept relevant CPD offered by other providers. As an SQP, you are professionally responsible for remaining up-to-date and competent in your role, therefore you are expected to choose CPD covering the areas you need, and at a standard that reflects your status.

Q:  Will VetSkill recognise AMTRA approved CPD?

A: VetSkill will accept all relevant CPD offered by other providers including AMTRA.

Q:  I was a qualified SQP but have allowed my registration to lapse.  Can I join the VetSkill register?

A: Yes, the process will depend on when you were last registered and if you meet VetSkill’s requirements to be entered onto its register.  You will need to complete an application form, provide the relevant information and pay the fees that are applicable. If your registration lapsed more than 12 months ago, you will also be required to pass VetSkill’s professional examination to ensure ongoing competency.

Examples (2016):

If you were last registered in 2014 or earlier:

You will have to pass VetSkill’s professional SQP examinations (subject to exam fees).  You will be charged a re-installment fee and the registration fee for 2017 when your registration is due for renewal.

If you were last registered in 2015:

You will have to re-apply before 31st December 2016 and meet VetSkill’s annual CPD requirements.  You will need to pay a re-installment fee and registration for 2017.

Q: How will I know if I have completed sufficient CPD if my current system uses points?

A: VetSkill’s CPD system is calculated in hours, therefore you will need to send your CPD records to VetSkill for confirmation.

Q:  Do I have to pay an annual registration fee as well as paying to attend the VetSkill SQP conference?

A: No. If you decide to attend one of our SQP conferences, your registration fee for the following year is included in the price.