Parasites focus in new CPD bulletin

Posted: 6 July 2017 at 10:23 am

Practical advice for diagnosing and controlling worms – the effects of which are estimated to cost the British sheep industry £84 million per year – is now available for SQPs tasked with tackling the problem.


Norbrook’s new CPD bulletin aims to help SQP’s advise farmers on best practice parasite control strategies and profiles several of the most economically damaging types of roundworm and tapeworm in sheep, including Nematodirus battus.

The booklet also offers an insight into anthelmintic resistance, with advice on strategies to manage flock health while minimising resistance development.

Chris Geddes, Norbrook Marketing Manager, said ‘Anthelmintic resistance is emerging as one of the most critical issues affecting not just parasite control, but the farming industry in general.

‘With studies detecting resistance in more than 80% of farms across England, Scotland and Wales, there is a heightened awareness of the need to reduce the use of anthelmintics.

‘The latest CPD bulletin provides advice on careful product selection, designed to minimise resistance wherever possible. This – along with all other information in the booklet – is laid out in a clear, accessible way, giving SQPs the necessary knowledge to accurately advise customers on parasite control strategies.’