VMD update on isoflurane shortage

Posted: 3 January 2019 at 3:59 pm

A statement released by the VMD has said, due to ongoing UK supply problems with isoflurane-containing products, it has recently assessed the following products for import under the Special Imports Scheme:

  • IsoFlo Vet 100% (Zoetis) from Germany
  • IsoFlo vapour liquid inhalant (Ecuphar) from Spain
  • Isoflurin 1,000mg/g inhalation vapor, liquid (VetPharma Animal Health) from Spain
  • Aerrane liquid for inhalation (Baxter) from Italy
  • Isoflurane USP (Piramal Enterprises) from the US
  • Isotroy (isoflurane IP) 250ml (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals) from India
  • Isoflurane USP liquid for inhalation (Piramal Enterprises) from India

The following shortages of isoflurane-containing products have been reported to the VMD directly by the MAH:

  • IsoFlo 100% w/w inhalation vapour, liquid (Vm: 42058/4195) – due to a manufacturing problem with the active pharmaceutical ingredient, Zoetis is out of stock of IsoFlo. Supply is estimated to return in January/February 2019.
  • Vetflurane 1,000mg/g inhalation vapour, liquid (Vm: 05653/4166) – due to a high demand for isoflurane products, Virbac is out of stock of Vetflurane. Supply is estimated to return in March 2019.