Welfare group calls for greater cat control

Posted: 14 November 2018 at 3:48 pm

The Cat Population Control Group (CPCG) – made up of all the major cat welfare charity bodies – is urging veterinary professionals to talk to them on their stand at London Vet show in a bid to promote the idea of kitten neutering.

CPCG said its surveys show 33% of vets do not neuter kittens from four months old, with most waiting until six months, but the amount of vets who are actively doing this is growing.

Unwanted litters

The group of welfare charities are promoting the neutering of kittens to reduce the number of unwanted litters that end up in rescue centres looking for homes.

The survey showed the top reason given by veterinary professionals for their practice not neutering at four months was due to limited client requests and said it is important to communicate to owners their kitten can be neutered from this age.

Overpopulation crisis

Carrie Stones, the RSPCA’s cat population control manager, said: “The UK is facing a cat overpopulation crisis and many of our centres and branches, as well as kind fosterers are full to breaking point with the amount of cats coming into our care.

”With the support of vets, we hope it’s possible to make a real difference for cats.”