Getting your dog ready for summer

Posted: 8 July 2016 at 2:11 pm

Here is some great advice from TV vet Marc Abraham – about how to get your four-legged friend ready for the great British summer.

Now the sunshine has hopefully arrived it’s time to prepare our pooches for the good weather and make sure they don’t suffer from the dangers summertime often brings.


Dogs get sunburnt too!

Did you know white dogs with very thin coats, like English Bull Terriers, are extremely prone to getting sunburnt? This can with time turn into serious skin cancer, especially on the nose. Always apply non-toxic sunblock to these areas, and if you notice any skin changes such as reddening contact your vet immediately.

Dog in the sun 20160708

The dreaded grass seed

Dog (especially spaniel) owners will be aware of arrow-shaped grass seeds; small and sharp they attach themselves to your dog’ coat- usually between the toes or become trapped in eyelids or ear canals give rise to head-shaking and discomfort. When returning from walks inspect your dog’s coat thoroughly, and try to keep fur on their feet and ears clipped.

Stinging insects and other bites

Bees and wasps are also hazards especially to inquisitive puppies exploring new gardens, often disturbing stinging insects, and then eating them! Contact your vet immediately if you suspect your dog’s been bitten.

When to go for a walk

Older, long-haired, and short-nosed dogs, such as bulldogs and pugs should be walked early morning and later at night avoiding higher temperatures that could make normal breathing and routine exercise difficult.

It’s never okay to leave a dog in a hot car

Please never leave your dog in your car, not even with windows slightly ajar. If you see a distressed dog trapped in a car and have tried to find the owner, then don’t hesitate to call the police as soon as possible.