Survey shows importance of laundry

Posted: 17 November 2016 at 9:33 am

Research has shown 92% of vet professionals consider infection control and hygiene in the laundry process to be ‘very important’.

Conducted by Miele Professional the research has highlighted many vets may be unaware of the most suitable laundry equipment to help them achieve the standards required.

Research also showed 93% of vet surgeries have a laundry machine on site, however, almost two thirds of these use a domestic machine rather than a commercial one.

More than 83% of respondents said they use their laundry machines more than once a day and listed bedding, drapes and gowns as the most common materials cleaned regularly. Staff uniforms tend to be cleaned at home, with 69% taking them home to be washed.

In addition, the survey reveals how time-poor vets are, with the majority listing ‘not enough hours in the day’ as their number one professional constraints.