The Rat Pack

Posted: 23 August 2018 at 8:10 am

Rats often get bad press but here at VetSkill we love them. Here’s a few interesting facts about these lovable creatures.

  • Rats laugh when they are tickled
  • Rats show empathy and will help another rat in distress
  • Rats dream just like us
  • Rats have been trained to sniff out explosives and have located landmines in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola and Cambodia
  • Rats are very trainable and will learn tricks for treats
  • Rats can hear ultrasound noise making them sensitive to¬† electronic devices
  • Some rats have been trained to detect tuberculosis in human samples
  • A rat can go longer than a camel without having a drink of water
  • The rat is the first of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. People born in this year are thought to possess characteristics which are associated with rats, for example, creativity, intelligence, honesty, ambition and generosity
  • Rats are recognized as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh in Indian tradition. They are worshiped at the Karni Devi Temple, where priests and pilgrims will feed them grain and milk.