As a VetSkill Approved Centre you will have access to our growing portfolio of qualifications.

The online VetSkill Web Portal will allow you to simply and effectively manage learner registrations, examination bookings and certification claims.

Why Become a VetSkill Approved Centre?

Becoming a VetSkill Approved Centre will give you access to our growing portfolio of qualifications. Our dedicated team are on hand to provide you with the guidance and encouragement needed to effectively deliver our qualifications, and achieve the best possible learner outcomes.

We consult with employers, learners and professional bodies to ensure that our qualifications develop learners with the knowledge and skills that today’s employers and professions require.

We strive to keep centres up-to-date with relevant news and changes, and actively encourage involvement with new qualification development and feedback.

“The process of becoming a centre was made as simple and efficient as possible by the VetSkill team.  Easily accessible information and guidance from people who understand our business made a huge difference.”

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