The Centre Approval Process

The process of becoming a VetSkill approved centre is carried out as quickly as possible in three simple steps:

Step 1: Application Pack
Complete the Centre approval application forms and return them to us.

Step 2: Approval Visit
You will then have a Centre approval visit at a mutually convenient time to check that you have suitable premises, resources, processes and procedures in place to become a VetSkill approved Centre.

Step 3: Confirmation of Approval
Once any actions identified during the visit have been carried out you will receive confirmation of centre approval and be given access to relevant paperwork and online details to commence learner registrations, assessment bookings and certification.

“The process of becoming a centre was made as simple and efficient as possible by the VetSkill team.  Easily accessible information and guidance from people who understand our business made a huge difference.”

Please contact us for a Centre Approval Application Pack

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