VetSkill Level 2 Award in Information, Advice or Guidance

Course Information

Qualification Overview

This qualification is designed for people who aspire for career progression or wish to develop skills in providing information, advice or guidance. This is relevant to the role of many staff working in any environment including: education and training, public sector establishments, careers advice services, voluntary sector organisations and housing associations.

Qualification number: 603/1317/1
Level: 2
Credits: 15
Guided Learning Hours: 60
Total Qualification Time: 150 hours


What will you learn?

How long will it take?

This Level 2 Award offers 15 credits (60 guided learning hours) and will take approximately 6 months to achieve.

On completion of this qualification you will achieve the following units:

  • Introduction to Information, Advice or Guidance
  • Developing Communication Skills when Providing Information, Advice or Guidance
  • Client Choices and Potential Barriers when Providing Information, Advice or Guidance
  • Signposting and Referral in Information, Advice or Guidance
  • Providing Information, Advice or Guidance to Clients


What are the entry requirements?

Learners undertaking this qualification will be expected to be currently in, or looking to work in, an information, advice or guidance role and in a position to gather the evidence required to deem them competent in all learning outcomes. Learners may be of an employed, voluntary, or non-employed status but must be able to gain real experience in order to build a portfolio of evidence.

There are no formal or specific academic or learning entry requirements for learners undertaking this programme. The nature of both the learning and assessment required for the qualification is such that learners will require basic literacy and numeracy skills.


How is the qualification assessed?

You will gather evidence to create a portfolio in order to achieve this qualification. The portfolio can be electronic or paper-based - VetSkill has no preference in this regard.


Where can you study?

The following Centres are currently approved to deliver the VetSkill Level 2 Award in Information, Advice or Guidance: