VetSkill End-Point Assessment Organisation

VetSkill is an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) on the register of End-Point Assessment Organisations, held by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), and is eligible to conduct independent End-Point Assessment (EPA) of apprentices.

We put the apprentice experience at the heart of our EPA service, with customer service, ease of booking, apprentice EPA journey, and consistency of result reporting amongst our top priorities.

VetSkill deliver a selection of high quality services for EPA across a number of apprenticeship standards and are committed to inspiring success through educational achievement.

Choosing your EPAO

Only organisations on the register of EPAOs are eligible to conduct independent EPA of apprentices;

It is the apprentices employer that decides which EPAO they want to work with, however it is the lead training provider that contracts with the EPAO on their behalf. Employers can choose any organisation listed on the register against the apprenticeship standard being taken by their apprentice.

As a training provider, you will need to ensure that the EPAO is ready to offer the EPA for the apprenticeship standard concerned, confirm fees, policies and procedures, and review the contract with the chosen EPAO. It is important that both the training provider and the employer read the EPA manual and customer service agreement, and share this information with all stakeholders involved in the EPA.

Why Choose VetSkill for End-Point Assessment?

  • Excellent customer service
  • What is important to you as an apprentice, employer or training provider is important to us, we welcome constructive customer feedback
  • Rapid apprentice registration and EPA booking
  • 15 working day turnaround guarantee for EPA result reporting to the training provider
  • Employer and training provider support
  • Value for money

Contracting with VetSkill for EPA

For New EPA Customers

As a brand new customer to VetSkill you will need to complete an EPA only customer application form to allow our team to set you up on the VetSkill secure web portal. Your EPA application will be processed within five working days and you will then be sent a VetSkill EPA Agreement to complete and sign. Please complete a Training Provider End Point Assessment Registration Form and submit to . The VetSkill team will use the contacts supplied on the completed form to send out the EPA Agreement documents.

VetSkill existing customers: should contact for a copy of the VetSkill EPA Agreement.

Contract Completion

Once you have completed and returned the VetSkill EPA Agreement the VetSkill team will contact you via email within five working days of receipt of the contract. You will be sent a guide for EPA Secure and the Web Portal, alongside being granted access. This will allow you to register your apprentices, upload Gateway evidence, and access supporting documentation relevant to the apprenticeship standard(s) that you have contracted with VetSkill EPAO for.

Please note that if the apprenticeship standard that you are contracting with VetSkill for includes a mandatory or embedded qualification as part of the on-programme learning then you will need to complete a Quality Approval Form if the qualification is not delivered by VetSkill as an Awarding Organisation.