For some VetSkill qualifications, we have set pre-scheduled exam windows. An exam window provides you, as a centre with a range of dates within a set period where an exam may be scheduled for your learners.

The exam must be booked a minimum of 10 days prior to the start of the exam window in order to allow VetSkill to carry out the required administration.

The exam and its scheduled learners must be booked via VetSkill’s web portal.

VetSkill Level 2 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists

September 2018
Monday 24th September
Tuesday 25th September
Wednesday 26th September
Thursday 27th September
Friday 29th September

October 2018
Monday 29th October
Tuesday 30th October
Wednesday 31st October
Thursday 1st November
Friday 2nd November

November 2018
Monday 26th November
Tuesday 27th November
Wednesday 28th November
Thursday 29th November
Friday 30th November

December 2018
Monday 17th December
Tuesday 18th December
Wednesday 19th December
Thursday 20th December
Friday 21st December

January 2019
Monday 28th January
Tuesday 29th January
Wednesday 30th January
Thursday 31st January
Friday 1st February

February 2019
Monday 25th February
Tuesday 26th February
Wednesday 27th February
Thursday 28th February
Friday 1st March

March 2019
Monday 25th March
Tuesday 26th March
Wednesday 27th March
Thursday 28th March
Friday 29th March

April 2019
Monday 29th April
Tuesday 30th April
Wednesday 1st May
Thursday 2nd May
Friday 3rd May

May 2019
Monday 27th May
Tuesday 28th May
Wednesday 29th May
Thursday 30th May
Friday 31st May

June 2019
Monday 24th June
Tuesday 25th June
Wednesday 26th June
Thursday 27th June
Friday 28th June

July 2019
Monday 29th July
Tuesday 30th July
Wednesday 31st July
Thursday 1st August
Friday 2nd August

August 2019
Monday 26th August
Tuesday 27th August
Wednesday 28th August
Thursday 29th August
Friday 30th August

September 2019
Monday 23rd September
Tuesday 24th September
Wednesday 25th September
Thursday 26th September
Friday 27th September

October 2019
Monday 28th October
Tuesday 29th October
Wednesday 30th October
Thursday 31st October
Friday 1st November

November 2019
Monday 25th November
Tuesday 26th November
Wednesday 27th November
Thursday 28th November
Friday 29th November

December 2019
Monday 16th December
Tuesday 17th December
Wednesday 18th December
Thursday 19th December
Friday 20th December