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  1. New Threat of Avian Influenza- Human Transmission

    Research led by The Pirbright Institute has shown mutant H9N2 bird flu viruses isolated from Pakistan are able to escape immune responses and adapt to infect humans. This could result in reduced vaccine efficiency and the possibility of human outbreaks. Published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, Pirbright scientists carrying out surveillance research discovered small changes to a […]

  2. Aurora launch leadership pathways for women

    The Aurora programme is run by Advance HE (formerly the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education) in partnership with educational institutions to help develop women’s leadership skills so they can advance within their careers. The RVC has funded eight places on the 2018-19 programme for those among its academic body. Programme participants all receive a mentor […]

  3. RCVS gives green light to non-vet roles

    The RCVS council has approved changes to the college’s supporting guidance to allow non-veterinarians to support vet surgeons in the certification of products of animal origin for export. Plans developed by the APHA to deal with potential post-Brexit labour shortages involve the creation of a new role of certification support officers (CSOs), non-vets who would […]

  4. Welfare group calls for greater cat control

    The Cat Population Control Group (CPCG) – made up of all the major cat welfare charity bodies – is urging veterinary professionals to talk to them on their stand at London Vet show in a bid to promote the idea of kitten neutering. CPCG said its surveys show 33% of vets do not neuter kittens […]

  5. Dangerous dog law review recommended

    MPs are calling for a full-scale review of the Government’s “well intentioned, but misguided” strategy for controlling dangerous dogs. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s report, “Controlling dangerous dogs”, said breed-specific legislation (BSL) fails to protect the public while harming animal welfare. The inquiry was launched to investigate BSL and wider dog control, amid […]