Party’s over for eggnogged dogs

Posted: 22 December 2016 at 9:43 am

An emergency trip to the vets was required after two dogs got drunk from lapping up a bottle of advocaat.

Pet owners Mr and Mrs Robson were shocked to find their spaniels Oscar and Martha in an intoxicated state when they arrived home from work.

Martha was staggering and swaying so badly she fell over in the garden, while Oscar looked drowsy and depressed.

Their third pet, a cocker spaniel called Brecon, is thought to have knocked the bottle off a bench in the utility room – but he was sober.

Mr and Mrs Robson took the pair to Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital, where vet Emma Hindson induced vomiting before feeding them activated charcoal to absorb the remaining alcohol.

It was the second case of dogs getting drunk Prince Bishop Vets had seen this festive season, after two Labradors smashed red wine bottles and licked the contents from the floor.

Dr Hindson said: ‘Alcohol affects pets in the same way it does humans, so Oscar and Martha were quite tiddly when they arrived.’