A Vision for Advanced Veterinary Nursing

Posted: 10 May 2019 at 2:00 pm

Building on the recent launch of the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Companion Animal), VetSkill has moved forward with the development of a series of new advanced Level 5 qualifications for those Registered Veterinary Nurses who are looking to develop more advanced technical skills.

A consultation on the three Level 5 qualifications in Advanced Veterinary Nursing was conducted to allow feedback from the profession on whether these qualifications were felt to be necessary and fit for purpose, as well as to seek constructive feedback on the content and appropriateness of the level of the proposed qualifications.

As part of the consultation, VetSkill acknowledged that the veterinary professions’ original concept of creating separate Medical and Surgical Advanced Diplomas in Veterinary Nursing had stood the test of time, and that to this day many Advanced Medical and Surgical Veterinary Nurses wear their Advanced Veterinary Nurse (AVN) badges with considerable pride.  The consultation advised that the new qualifications were built on advanced technical skills, and that their development reflects advances made within the profession.

VetSkill expressed that they would also provide a Register for Advanced Veterinary Nurse Practitioners for those who are suitably qualified to be recognised, and asked participants to indicate their views through the consultation.

VetSkill Qualifications Manager, Sam McMillan, will be presenting on the qualifications and the results of the consultation at Head Nurse Congress on 11th May. The presentation will begin at 16:30 and we welcome feedback from all those in attendance.