SQP HE Institution Fees 2022

Institutional Approval – includes 1 qualification accreditationFee (excluding VAT)
Institutional approval – 120 days£1,500
Institutional approval – fast track (60 days)£3,000
Institutional satellite approval (same qualification)£650
Qualification AccreditationFee (excluding VAT)
Additional SQP category accreditation£650
New qualification accreditation£650
Institutional Annual RenewalFee (excluding VAT)
Institution annual re-approval£650
Satellite annual re-approval£650
Institutional Quality AssuranceFee (excluding VAT)
First annual monitoring visit per yearNo Charge
Additional monitoring visit£450
Quality visit of final practical assessment (per examiner)£450
Visit cancellation – 21 days or moreNo Charge
Visit cancellation – less than 48 hours£450
HEI Student SQP Fees (includes student registration and on graduation, certification and SQP registration until following 1st January)Fee (excluding VAT)
Registration at programme commencement£75
Registration after 3 months following programme commencement£150 (includes RPL assessment)
Value Added Tax (VAT) – VAT Reg No. 357095868

All fees are invoiced plus VAT unless otherwise stated.

If your organisation is VAT exempt, please complete a VAT Exemption Certificate. Please return completed VAT Exemption Certificates by email to info@vetskill.com.

Postage and Packaging

There is no charge for certificates to be sent to an address in the UK. An additional charge will be required for postage outside the UK (at the standard packaging rates at the time of dispatch), or if the certificate holder requests an enhanced postal service, e.g. recorded delivery.