SQP Categories

During training, all learners will undertake a programme of study for each SQP qualification they wish to achieve. Each qualification, in turn, leads to SQP registration for its relevant category. SQPs may register for multiple categories provided they are qualified to do so.

All SQPs will undertake a common base unit and will then choose additional units depending on the category of SQP qualification they wish to obtain. The different units are:

  • C – Companion Animal
  • J – Equines
  • L – Farm Animal
  • A – Avians

A list of SQP categories and the permissible medicines they can dispense can be found in the table below:

SQP CategoryUnit (s) passedPermissible Medicines
R-SQPAll (Companion, Equine & Farm)All VPS Medicines
C-SQPCompanionVPS – Companion animals only
J-SQPEquinesVPS – Equines only
L-SQPFarmVPS – Farm animals only
A-SQPAviansVPS – Avian only
E-SQPCompanion & EquinesVPS – Companion & Equines only
K-SQPCompanion & FarmVPS – Companion & Farm only
CA-SQPCompanion & AviansVPS – Companion & Avians only
G-SQPEquines & FarmVPS – Equines & Farm only
JA-SQPEquines & AvianVPS – Equines & Avians only
EA-SQPCompanion, Equines & AviansVPS – Companion, Equines & Avians only

SQPs can add additional categories to their qualification at a later date if they so wish.

For example:

After working as a C-SQP (Companion animals only) for a year, the C-SQP decides they would also like to prescribe and/or supply veterinary medicines for equines, so they pass the equine unit and become a VetSkill registered E-SQP. This legally allows them to prescribe and/or supply POM-VPS and NFA-VPS medicines for companion animals and equines.