VetSkill SQPs – Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

It is vital that, as an SQP, you keep up-to-date with all legal and professional changes, and maintain your knowledge and understanding of both your role and the medicines that you are prescribing and/or supplying.

Annual CPD requirements

CPD is a mandatory, yet simple, process for all VetSkill SQPs. CPD requirements are set out in hours; this aligns with many other professional registers. The amount of CPD you will be required to undertake depends on your SQP category and the date on which you qualified.

A CPD period is defined as a one year period, starting on the 1 January of the year after SQP status is achieved and ends on 31 December of that same year. As a VetSkill SQP, the minimum amount of CPD you are required to undertake is:

SQP TypeVPS MedicinesNo. of hrs from CPD ActivitiesNo. of hrs from Personal studyTotal CPD hours per year
C-SQPVPS Companion animals only 5 0 5
J- SQPVPS Equines only 5 0 5
L-SQPVPS Farm animals only 5 0 5
A-SQPVPS Avian only 5 0 5
E-SQPVPS Companion & Equine only 5 5 10
K-SQPVPS Companion & Farm Only 5 5 10
CA-SQPVPS Companion & Avian only 5 5 10
G-SQPVPS Equine & Farm only 5 5 10
JA-SQPVPS Equine & Avian only 5 5 10
AL-SQPVPS Avian & Farm only 5 5 10
R- SQPVPS Companion, Equine & Farm 10 5 15
EA-SQPVPS Companion, Equine & Avian 10 5 15
CAL-SQPVPS Companion, Avian & Farm 10 5 15
S-SQPVPS Avian, Equine & Farm 10 5 15
XA-SQPVPS Companion, Equine, Avian & Farm 10 5 15

Addition of new categories to existing SQP classifications

If you decide to add additional categories to your current SQP category, you will need to complete the CPD requirements for the new combined category.

Permissible CPD activities

All CPD activities undertaken and claimed against your SQP role must be relevant to your SQP classification. When claiming CPD hours from attending a seminar, webinar, training event or conference, you must only claim the time that is relevant to your SQP role and not the hours attended covering non-relevant material.

Listed below are examples of CPD activities that can be claimed, and how this can be evidenced. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Activity TypeEvidence required
External attended training sessionsAttendance certificates with agenda
ConferencesAttendance certificates with agenda
SeminarsAttendance certificates with agenda
Webinars (with Q&A answer sheets)Q&A paperwork and answer sheets
Practical training eventsAttendance certificates with agenda
In house training/MentoringEmployer training course attendance certificate
Mentoring/Job shadowingManager/employer report
Online/Distance learningOnline attendance certificates with agenda

Example of private/self-study activities can be found below. Where self-study is permitted, no more than five hours can be claimed per year.

Activity TypeEvidence required
Online/ Distance learningOnline attendance certificates with agenda
ResearchCopies of research/ programmes
ReadingTitle of article and publication

Claiming and recording CPD

Each SQP will be given access to an online CPD record where they can view their category’s CPD requirements, log their CPD hours and upload CPD evidence. All CPD evidence must be dated.

CPD is expected to be undertaken on a continuous basis and the minimum annual requirements fulfilled. VetSkill will audit CPD records to ensure that hours’ requirements are met and the content is relevant to the SQP category/ies registered. Where an SQP has not met the minimum requirements for the year an average of the current year and previous two years will be considered by VetSkill. Where an SQP falls short of the required number of CPD hours for the three year CPD period, they will need to complete and pass VetSkill’s SQP re-accreditation exam. There is a fee payable for the exam, and the SQP must meet the cost.