ST0943 Level 2 Dog Groomer -Apprenticeship standard

Occupational Profile:

This occupation is found in a wide range of pet animal care settings within the animal care sector. The
dog groomer will work in a range of environments from departments within large retail pet stores/
garden centres through to independent salons. They will work for day care providers, rescue centres
and kennels. There are over 200 recognised Kennel Club dog breeds in addition to hundreds of mixed
breeds. Increased popularity of crosses in recent years, combined with the wide range of coat types
leads to significant variation in grooming requirements and increased customer demand. The dog
groomer will have knowledge and experience of different dog breeds, coat type and health conditions.
They will adapt to the needs of the individual dog, for example, life stage, presence of parasites,

The broad purpose of the occupation is to complete an end to end maintenance groom on a range of
dog breeds and coat types. Grooms include assessing the health, bathing, drying, brushing and
trimming a diverse range of dogs. The dog groomer will take into account dogs with wire, wool, smooth,
double, silky coats and those with a combination coat. Dog groomers will use their breed knowledge to
produce a grooming plan and select appropriate techniques to handle, bath, dry, brush and trim. Nail
trimming will also be carried out. A dog groomer will have responsibility for meeting the dog’s welfare
needs during grooming. They will recognise signs and symptoms of ill health including those relating to
skin, coat condition and hereditary diseases. They will also identify potential causes and indicators of
stress during the groom. They will adapt their approach and handling techniques. They select
equipment and products to meet the needs of the specific dog. The dog groomer will understand
canine behaviour. The dog groomer will provide customer service from the point of drop off through to
collection. They will gather information from the client to support the grooming process and provide
maintenance advice to the owner following the groom. For example, frequency of brushing to maintain
good coat condition or brush type.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation will interact with dog grooming stylists, salon
managers and customers. They may work with veterinary professionals, service and product suppliers
and manufacturers. They may liaise with other animal care professionals and industry bodies too. Dog
groomers may work under the supervision of a stylist or salon manager. They may work as part of a
larger team. They will share technical knowledge with peers and will support newly appointed dog
groomers or volunteers.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for scheduling, planning the completing the groom
and providing a professional service at all times. They will maintain a professional and safe working
environment in line with legislation and company policies. They will work autonomously, planning and
carrying out the end-to-end groom. They will report and maintain necessary records in relation to the
dog, its welfare, and the maintenance of relevant equipment. They will escalate issues to senior staff or

customers where appropriate. They will be responsible for handling and storing equipment in
accordance with company policy/ safety requirements. They will ensure that equipment is sterilised
appropriately, and that cleanliness and bio security are maintained. They will be dispose of waste
materials in line with regulatory requirements. A dog groomer will have responsibility for handling
confidential data and payments for dog grooming services provided and dealing with standard
customer queries. They will adhere to legal requirements. This will include the Animal Welfare Act 2006,
Vet Surgeons Act 1966, and Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. They will also comply with Reporting of Injuries,
Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations and comply with General Data Protection
Regulations 2018.

Typical job title include:
  • Assistant Dog Groomer
  • Assistant Stylist
  • Dog Groomer
  • Dog Grooming Technician
  • Spa Assistant Stylist


Apprentices without level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and apprentices without
level 2 English and maths will need to take the tests for this level prior to taking the end-point
assessment. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement, the
apprenticeship’s English and maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3. A British Sign Language
(BSL) qualification is an alternative to the English qualification for those whose primary language is BSL.

Occupational Level: 2

Duration: 12 months

Review: This apprenticeship standard will be reviewed after three years